'Artificial Intelligence will take over your job!' – Definitely not an uncommon message in today’s news. But how would that happen? And how does it affect different fields of work? Sure, we can imagine a robot building our car, but a robot delivering a baby on its own is a different story. Join us at Groep T on March 15 to learn all about how Artificial Intelligence will influence your field of study. Pick and choose which session you’d like to attend, and enjoy some free drinks and food in between. The same 6 sessions will be held each round. We’ll end the evening with a debate on the ethical aspects of artificial intelligence. You’ll even have the opportunity to meet a real robot and see what all the fuss is about!


17.30 Doors
18.30 Introduction
19.15 1st Round of Sessions
20.15 2nd Round of Sessions
21.15 Ethical Debate
Speakers: Frank Rademakers, Joost Vennekens, Danny Deschreye, Lana Khoury, Johan de Tavernier Jochen de Weerdt
Moderated by Jeroen Baert

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Artificial Intelligence: Real Threat?

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