Single Speaker

Walter Daelemans


Walter Daelemans is full professor at the University of Antwerp (UAntwerp), teaching Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics courses, and directing the CLiPS computational linguistics research group. His current research interests are in machine learning and natural language processing (with applications in biomedical information extraction and cybersecurity systems for social networks), computational psycholinguistics, and computational stylometry (profiling).

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Languages

19:15 | 20:15

Why does Google Translate work so well but also make such terrible mistakes? Did you know we can predict your personality, age, gender, and even your mental health by analyzing what you write in social media? How can we make Siri, Alexa and Cortana more communicative? I will describe the state of the art in Natural Language Processing by giving an account of the two main current approaches: deep neural networks and IBM Watson. I will explain what is still lacking for true automatic language understanding.