Single Speaker

Walter Stiers

Enterprise Architect

Walter Stiers is a certified Enterprise Architect at IBM in Brussels, working as an Industry Architect for clients in Distribution (Retail, Transport, Logistics) and FMCG (Food & Beverages, Agriculture). He is a graduate of KU Leuven where he received a Master in Sciences in Geography.
Walter also has professional certifications for Agile, Cloud Architecture, IT Architecture and as Design Thinking facilitator. As an enterprise architect, he assists customers to build long-lasting information solutions for business or IT problems, and to increase the maturity level for services oriented, architectural and agile capabilities.

Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence

19:15 | 20:15

Agriculture and the Food Supply Chain have a wide variety of opportunities to include gathering large amounts of data and apply machine learnings techniques and solutions. During this presentation, a set of real-life applications will be discussed. The applications range from the crops on the field, the processing, supply chain and distribution up to the consumption of food. The variety of the activities through the food supply chain offer a great opportunity to apply a range of AI techniques.